It gives me great satisfaction to recommend Mike Dreckman of Fast Forward Construction to anyone considering a construction project in today's environment. I first became acquainted with Mike in 2004 when I was looking for a home in the City of Glendale. At that time Mike had a few infill lots for sale, and after negotiating a deal with him we set about building my new home.

I found him to be a decent and trustworthy person committed to a high quality performance on his contract with my wife and I to build our house. He was very open and accommodating to modification of the floor plan and most of all fair and reasonable with his pricing. Mike's enthusiasm for the project never wavered even when we were uncertain about some of the modifications we were requesting; he stepped in and provided us with a variety of options to choose from to help us make a decision.

His grace under pressure became abundantly apparent to me during a period of two weeks when every time he scheduled the delivery of the concrete to pour the floor it rained. Mike realized that he would have to make some adjustments along the way to recover from this delay and he never got flustered. With confidence he diligently worked to recover the time lost during the early stages of the project.

It is a real honor for me to recommend Mike as one of the young and upcoming General Contractors in the valley. Mike has a good sense of balance between work and family and what is the right thing to do every time, and with these qualities I am confident he will be a successful in life. Someone once said that the measure of the quality of a person is whether he will do the right thing when no one is looking; I have no doubt that when confronted with those decisions Mike will always do the right thing. This is a quality that makes Mike a standout in his field.

Horatio and Theresa Skeete

I hired Fast Forward construction to build my dream home in the Squaw Peak area of
Phoenix, AZ. There is no question that building a house is an enormous undertaking that
can be a challenging and trying time for a homeowner if they choose the wrong
contractor. I can honestly say that through the construction process, Fast Forward made
it easy.

Communication is excellent, Mike is personally engaged to the job, prices are fair, and
their sub contractors show respect to the job site and Fast Forward Construction. It is
clear that Fast Forward has spent many years carefully selecting the sub contractors that
they will allow to work on their projects, and I believe I am the beneficiary of this hard
work. I would, without hesitation, hire Fast Forward Construction again to build my next

On a final note, I am the director of Facilities for a large computer chip manufacturer in
the valley. I have spent the bulk of my career hiring and firing hundreds – maybe
thousands - of contractors to work for me. Fast Forward is among the top performers, and
is a contractor that I will keep in my back pocket for future use and reference to friends.

Travis Wright

This letter is to recommend Mike Dreckman and Fast Forward Construction as a general contractor in building high-end residential property. Mike and I have been working together for 6 months now on my house at 2329 E. Squaw Peak Drive, which is a full remodel from the slab up. As an engineer, and after designing the house myself, I first felt capable and eager to GC the house myself. But after reviewing many bids from subs, and and spending many long hours coordinating activities outside of my work and family life, I decided it was just going to be too much work and frustration. I then decided to interview several GCs and quickly determined that Mike stood out from the rest in terms of overall value and ease to work with, which are the two most important factors for me. Mike has been great to work with, responsive and honest.

Though the project is not yet complete, it is in line with the 9 month schedule originally given for completion of the project. Mike is a very high energy person who is constantly working to keep all of his projects coordinated, thus helping him stay busy, which then instills confidence in Fast Forward not being a fly-by-night contractor like many others have turned out to be in this economy. In addition to his role as a GC, I also enjoy the fact that Mike is constantly not afraid to show up to the job to work, which has been a huge help in keeping schedule.

Through the job, Mike has also done a great job at cost control, and has stuck to his original price and has been accommodating along the way for the several upgrades I have made during the process by clearly laying out the cost options for these upgrades prior to proceeding.

Because of the confidence I have in Mike, I have recommended him to many friends and family, and my parents are currently using him for their remodel in Paradise Valley. Overall, Mike has proven himself to be a very competent and reliable builder,who has good ideas, great communication skills, and is all around a great person. Please feel free to contact me directly if you have any additional questions about the work he is doing for me, or if you would like to see the house.

Best regards,

Shea Ferring





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